Breast Cancer

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    Breast Cancer Basics

    Senos, ta-tas, the twins/girls, airbags, funbags, headlights, and in New Jersey¬†some people like to call them “bubbies”. Whatever you may like to call them, with the latest statistics reporting that 1 in 8 women will be affected by breast cancer in their lifetimes, we should all know what the basics of this disease are so we can better protect them! Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women living in the US, and is a malignant tumor starting in the cells that make up the breast, usually the lobules (where milk is made) and ducts (tubes that bring the milk to the nipples). Risk Factors Risk factors let…

  • Breast Cancer,  Health,  Women's Health

    The 1st Latinos Walk Against Cancer

    This past Saturday, September 25, 2011, I participated in the 1st annual Latinos Walk Against Cancer organized by Latin Women Empower F.A.C.E.S. (Family, Advocacy, Counseling, Education, Support). They promote the strengthening of family values with a focus on education on breast and cervical cancer. I came to the walk with friend and breast cancer survivor, Marlena Ortiz and we met up with our great friend; advocate and cervical cancer survivor, Patti Murillo-Casa. We came with no expectations, just the willingness to support what this walk stood for. The rates of incidence for breast and especially cervical cancer, is higher for Latina women than any other group. This walk was a…