One year in Hong Kong!

I’m a few months late writing this post as we just added a new member to our growing family, our beautiful daughter Grace Adeline.

Hello Miss Grace!

I wanted to share a few thoughts about my journey as an expat, wife and mum living in Hong Kong. There is a bit of a learning curve and adjustment period that anyone who lives in a foreign country goes through, ranging from feeling isolated and/or depressed, and wanting to run back to where you used to live, to surprising themselves, when they realize one day that they’re genuinely having some fun, and constructed somewhat of a life here now. 

One year later I’m still trying to make my mark here, but I feel a bit more comfortable calling Hong Kong home. I’m not sure how long we will be here, but whenever I feel like the challenges may be too big, I think of my mum and dad, who both had to leave everything they knew and family (even children) they loved, to come and build a new life in the states. It’s my turn to make the most out of this next chapter of my life. 

My wonderful parents at the Sydney Zoo!


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