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    Long, luxurious weekend in Beijing with the kids.

      Beijing, formerly known as Peking, is the capital of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), and just a short 3 plus hour flight from Hong Kong. Even though we currently live in Hong Kong, I had never been to the “mainland” (my husband has been numerous times for business), so we decided to pop over during the recent holidays for a quick getaway¬†with our two kids. Top in my list for this trip was doing a bit of sightseeing comfortably and safely (I’ve learned less is more when traveling with very young ones), and staying in a beautiful and centrally located hotel. Just a short background in case you…

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    One year in Hong Kong!

    I’m a few months late writing this post as we just added a new member to our growing family, our beautiful daughter Grace Adeline. I wanted to share a few thoughts about my journey as an expat, wife and mum living in Hong Kong. There is¬†a bit of a learning curve and adjustment period that anyone who lives in a foreign country goes through, ranging from feeling isolated and/or depressed, and wanting to run back to where you used to live, to surprising themselves, when they realize one day that they’re genuinely having some fun, and constructed somewhat of a life here now.¬† One year later I’m still trying to…

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    Welcome Miss Grace Adeline!

    Our baby girl Grace Adeline is here! I am so thankful that she arrived safely and in good health. Thank you to the wonderful doctors, nurses, aides and supporting staff at Stony Brook University Hospital, and to my wonderful husband, parents, family and friends who helped me during the final few months of my pregnancy. Thank you to my wonderful son Hunter who was mummy’s best friend and giver of endless cuddles even with my huge belly. I also feel like I should also apologise to these same people for being short-tempered, tired and forgetful; basically everything that goes along with being pregnant, ha! I’m going to take some time…

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    Celebrating the 50th anniversary of #LovingDay!

    Today marks the 50th anniversary of Loving Day, when the Supreme Court ruling in the case of Loving v Virginia, which legalised interracial marriage across the United States. My husband like to tease me and asks me occasionally if I would ever have imagined being married to an Australian man and living in Hong Kong. I always sheepishly smile back and say never in my wildest dreams! That is truly the beauty of love and fate/destiny. You can try to plan and organise your life a certain way, and then poof, fate¬†will come and knock you off your feet and bring you someone even better than you can have ever…

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    Brain health and it’s link to heart disease + Giveaway Rules.

    Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored twitter party with the American Heart Association. All views and opinions are always my own! I have had the pleasure of participating and co-hosting several #GoRedLatino twitter parties the last few years, and each time I can honestly say that I have learned something alongside many of you, and have met so many wonderful people and experts online along¬†the way. This topic peaked my interest from the moment it was presented to me. While we have discussed several different heart conditions and heart-related topics in the past, this is the first time we will be discussing the possible links between brain health…

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    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there! It’s our day, and I hope you were able to celebrate it surrounded by¬†your children and loved ones. This is my second Mother’s Day, my first last year was¬†just over a month after our Hunter was born. I was still adjusting to life as a new mum. I was excited, anxious, full of raging hormones and suffering from lack of sleep like every new mum. Although there are so many beautiful pictures of what motherhood looks like, we all know it’s not always unicorns and rainbows, especially those first few days after giving birth. No matter how much help and support…

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    There’s Magic in the Maldives!

    Disclosure: Please not that compensation was provided partially in the form of accommodations for this post, with the expressed knowledge that I would be sharing my honest opinion afterwards. I travel with my family, and could only sleep at night comfortably if I ¬†recommended properties to other families that I would personally go back to visit.¬† Hello friends! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted because to be quite honest, motherhood and pregnancy are kicking my behind! We are still traveling every 1-2 months on top of that, so just when I’ve crossed a few things on my “to-do” list, and few more get piled on at the same time, ah!…

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    Interview with Chef Lala – The Milk Life Lo Que Nos Hace Fuertes

    I was so excited to hear from the amazing Chef Lala, who wears many hats like us women do, and is a chef, cookbook author, food stylist and consultant, certified nutritionist and motivational speaker (whew)! She is talking about the importance of adding protein in the morning – including milk! This topic really resonates with me, as my Hunter turns 11 months today, and will be transitioning to cow’s milk next month as we are weaning him following the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Protein is so important for all of us, but especially for our children in these early years, and just 8-ounces of milk provides…

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    Protecting your heart and health during the winter months + Giveaways Rules

    Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored twitter party with the American Heart Association. All views and opinions are always my own! Although many of us begin each year with well-intention New Year’s resolutions, by February¬†many of us have already given up, with just 8% of people sticking to their resolutions! Colder weather and shorter days may be the culprit for many of us, as we struggle to feel motivated when it’s just plain ugly outside. Unfortunately, unlike bears, our lives and bodies don’t shut down and hibernate during the winter. So how do we stay motivated? What are the things to look out for when exercising in the…

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    Hello again!

    Hello and welcome back!! Just wanted to update you and apologise for my absence! Since I last posted, I got married to the love of my life, went¬†on the most amazing honeymoon spanning 5 countries (OMG) which I can’t wait to share with you all, while raising my handsome son, Hunter, in a new country. In the meantime, here a few photos from my recent adventures and new family! Xoxo, Helen  

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    5 Great Travel Quotes For Travel Inspiration

    I have been blissfully traveling the world for most of my life, but even more so now with my love and our son¬†Hunter, who at 6 months of age has already been on 6 international flights!! Here are 5 quotes to light the fire under your arse and motivate you to get out and explore the world. “The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.” – Anna Quindlen “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain   “Maybe the best moment of your life will be on…

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    First Time Using Swimava Baby Ring!

    My sweet Hunter is four months old already, can you believe it!! He is cooing, rolling, and stealing our hearts every time he gives us one of his big toothless grins. The other day my fianc√© and I were looking for some new toys to keep him active, and we stumbled upon the swimava. We both love to swim, so we knew we wanted to get¬†Hunter in the¬†water as soon as possible. I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive at first, as I’m so used to seeing kids with the huge floaties on, so I was nervous as to how this little inflatable ring around his neck would…

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    Three Beauty Pageant Tricks Every Woman Should Know!

    I often get asked for some beauty tricks or tips that I have learned from my days as a beauty queen. While some things I learned are strictly for the pageant world (hello putting duck tape on your body), there are many tricks that the everyday woman can use to help boost her confidence a bit. Here are three of my favourite tricks I think every woman should know!

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    The aftermath of the Orlando shooting. #HealOrlando

    It was just like any other morning, except this morning as I was finishing up Hunter’s early am feed, the headline across my cell phone told me that there was breaking news of an ongoing tragedy in Orlando, FL. Fast forward a few hours later, and we all get the sickening news on the deadly attack targeting¬†the LGBTQ community. at Pulse nightclub. I cried. I thought to myself, “what kind of world am I raising my son in.” I could never understand why it’s such a big deal to just let people love whomever they want. It may not be the top news story anymore, but many of us are…

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    How martial arts can reduce stress.

    Disclosure: This is a sponsored guest post.¬† There are going to be times where we are going to feel particularly stressed and as women, along with everything else that is stressful we become even more stressed about appearing stressed in our facial features. The mind and body are linked throughout our lives and it becomes an ongoing cycle, therefore we must learn to respect both our emotional and physical needs. Learn to be able to balance ourselves and adapt with our feelings. Experts say that women feel particularly stressed more than men, and this is because more women have a career outside the home and struggle to maintain the perfect…

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    Hunter’s first #giveaway! Sharing why we believe bilingual is better with Child’s Play International.

    This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Child’s Play International, however as always all opinions are my own! My sweet Hunter is¬†two months already, can you believe it!! Like any mom, I want to¬†give him the best head start possible, and for me that includes lots of reading time. Not only is it helping him develop his language and literacy skills, but it gives us time to bond as mother and son. While I mainly speak in English now, my first language was actually Spanish! I believe that being bilingual is better, and I want Hunter to be connected to both his Latino and Australian heritage, and be able…

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    Women, stress and balancing it all + Giveaway Rules #GoRedLATINO

    Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as part of a campaign with the American Heart Association. As always, all opinions are always my own! I love New York and will always be a “city girl,” but the work culture here for the most part is like the Rihanna song, “work, work, work.” If you have time to breathe then apparently you’re not doing enough! Not getting enough sleep because you’re so busy is something people are proud of. Being stressed out seems to be a way of life. We’ve been led to believe some or all of this is normal, but it’s not true. Several studies and medical opinions have…

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    The importance of setting goals!

    Setting goals is the first step into turning the invisible into the visible. ‚Äď Tony Robbins Whether you‚Äôre striving to lose weight, or maintain your current weight and improve your health, you‚Äôll need to start by setting short-term and long-term goals. Your short-term goals (STG) vary from about a week to three months in length. They help you build slowly towards your long-term goals (LTG), which are goals you wish to accomplish in three or more months into the future.

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    Latinos, heart disease and uncommon symptoms + Giveaway Rules #GoRedLATINO

    Every February the world gets a bit brighter and redder, as we “Go Red” to bring awareness to heart disease, the #1 killer of women in the United States. Within the Latino/Hispanic community, the American Heart Association (AHA) states that we will face an even greater risk of cardiovascular disease due to high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. As women we also face¬†an increased risk for cardiovascular disease because of our role as¬†caregivers. We are the “heart” of our respective families and would probably do just about anything to keep them healthy and safe, but often don’t apply that same mindset to our own health, which can sometimes have deadly…

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    The importance of having #oneconversation.

    Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Talk HIV Valentine’s Day campaign along with Latinos In Tech Innovation and Social Media (LATISM) and Social Lens Research. As always, all opinions are always my own! The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)¬†has been found in the United States since at least the 1970s. Since then we have thankfully made many strides forward in our treatment options, but what has not changed as much as society has, is our attitude towards this virus. There is still a stigma attached. Communities, in particular Latino ones, still shy from discussing this within our social circles, and more importantly, within our…

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    Learning who belongs in our lives.

    We must learn who is gold, and who is simply gold plated.   Learning who belongs in our lives, and who is just meant for a brief visit can be a lifelong process. I think as women there may have been times in our lives when we might have been dazzled by the flashy cars, smiles and personalities. It can take a few heartbreaks to learn that that is just not enough. Look deeper. Your life partner may or may not be the flashiest one, but look to see what their heart is like. How do they make you feel? Do they keep their word? Are they so in sync…

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    Join me for the #FDFabulous New Year, New You Twitter Party with Family Dollar!

    **Disclosure: This post is part of a campaign that I am involved with as a brand ambassador with Family Dollar. All opinions, reactions, and everything in between are always my own!¬† UPDATE 2/17/16: Thank you again for supporting the #FDFabulous hashtag and joining me for this recent twitter party. We had an estimated 9.4 million¬†reach overall – amazing!! Join me this Wednesday, February 10th from 7:30pm – 8:30pm EST on twitter as I join Family Dollar, Garner USA and Pantene for our “New Year, New You” twitter party!! It’s the first #FDFabulous twitter party of the year, and we are so excited to share new beauty looks and trends that…

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    Three reasons why I’m going to be raising a bilingual child.

    It seems like just¬†yesterday I was staring in disbelief at the two distinct¬†lines of my undeniably positive¬†pregnancy test, and now I’m frantically getting ready to¬†meet Baby Noble in a few short months. In addition to making sure he or she will have the most stylish outfits, latest gadgets and everything else everyone tells me I need, I am slowly building a nice book collection too!

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    Health Hack: A healthy (and cheap) alternative to soda.

    I used to guzzle diet coke like no ones business! Not only did I think I was doing the right thing (it does say diet right), but it was such a part of my daily diet that I truly enjoyed the taste. Snack time? Diet coke. Hung over? Diet coke. Don’t want to drink water? Diet Coke. Need a base for your alcohol? Diet coke. And on and on it went. Back then, not even the headaches and lack of weight loss clued me in as to what I was really doing to my body.