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Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Every January we celebrate cervical cancer awareness month. The most preventable female cancer today still takes the lives of almost 5,000 women each year in the US. Do you know what cervical cancer is? Do you know that you more likely than not, have had HPV (human papillomavirus)? Have you scheduled your pap test, HPV test or asked your doctor if you are eligible for the HPV vaccine this year? What can we do to protect our daughters andsons?

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For more information on cervical cancer, learn how you can help out in your local community, or to connect with an amazing network of cervical cancer survivors and their friends, visit Tamika and Friends,
Disclosure: I am affiliated with the NY chapter of Tamika & Friends. All opinions are my own, no compensation was received for this post. 

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  • Cancer Guide

    This very Scary at this generation also 5,000 women’s died each year in the US with Cervical Cancer. two vaccines are available to prevent this cancer but lack of awareness creating this situation.

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