Valentine's day

Happy Valentine’s Day, Feliz Dia del Amor y la Amistad

Happy Valentine’s Day! For some Latin American countries, it is also known as Feliz dia del amor y amistad (day of love and friendship).  Then there is my personal favorite guaranteed to make you laugh, “Single’s Awareness Day” (S.A.D).  I love seeing all the Facebook and twitter statuses and hearing everyone’s different opinions about Valentine’s Day regardless of whether they are in a relationship or not.  From the straight to the point “cupid rhymes with stupid”, to the people professing their undying love online it’s all good.  Some people believe its just an excuse for the greeting card companies to make some money, or that gifts of roses and chocolates are a must from their significant other, while others are content enough to sit at home and just enjoy each others company.  Well then, what do the single people do on a holiday marketed towards coupledom?  Do they hide indoors until tomorrow?  I think its so retarded to allow one day to define your relationship with someone else or yourself.  Be happy if you are in a relationship, celebrate each other not just today but everyday.  If you are single, celebrate yourself and the people who are IN and OUT of your life.

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