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Keep yourself balanced

With such a busy week ahead of us all, I thought it would be great to remind everyone (especially myself), that balance is key. The road to living a healthier lifestyle will not always be an easy one. It’s ok to splurge – maybe even indulge, but eventually you have to tip the scales back to being even again. Diets are temporary fixes, so forget them. We all have different views on what an ideal body type, lifestyle, or even what being “healthy” actually means.¬†We could also argue all day on what you should look out for. Weight is just a number, however there are some more important numbers to be on the lookout for, including your blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI and waist circumference.

Again, what you put into your body will surely manifest itself outwardly eventually. This also means avoiding (as much as you can anyway) negative people, thoughts and actions. Those go right into our bodies and can manifest layer as despair, anger and fear. You don’t need that. This week think about doing a detox. Think about how the food you put in your mouth will nourish your body, and how the thoughts and people you surround yourself with, will nourish your mind.

Happy Motivation Monday
xo Helen

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