My french fry obsession

Looks good to me….

This is a picture that I saw last week posted on my Facebook timeline by a few of my friends. As the story goes, someone decided to do an experiment and wanted to see how long food from McDonald’s lasted. As you can see, it looks about the same as when it was first bought thanks to being filled with more preservatives than Joan Rivers. 

It was a bad joke, I know!

Oh McDonald’s. When I was a kid I would beg my parents to take me there so I could get a happy meal just like all my friends at school did. I wanted to be the owner of whatever crappy toy they shoved in the corner of those neat little compact boxes. Instead I got “the look” followed by “the speech” from my health-conscious dad who wasn’t going to feed me that porquería. Sad face.

Later on as a college student with no parents to hawk over my food choices, I began to indulge in sinfully salty fries, my mouth would start drooling at the smell of hamburgers, I had a brief love affair with the McChicken.  Plus I could eat a three course meal (fries, burger, apple pie) for about $5.00. It quickly became a ritual. Late nights out would mean the next morning I had the breakfast of champions, papas fritas to calm my queasy stomach so I could avoid bowing to the toilet gods.

Not so cute anymore

Fast forward to today and I’m about two months in on this self-imposed health kick. I have slowly been incorporating more organic foods into my diet, exercising like a beast and drinking more water instead of my favorite liquid crack, aka Coke Zero. I still can’t totally give up on the fries though. The first time I ate them this year…was the day after New Year’s. I know what you’re thinking and no I was not hung over or anything close to it. It’s true!! My date decided he needed to eat that crap and dragged me along for the ride. I ordered what else, french fries. Double sigh. Especially when my stomach did back flips afterwards. Eating a clean diet and then indulging is no bueno. I still do it though because hello, I’m human!!

What to do then because I know and you know I’m going to eat fries again. So are you. I’m either going to make my own fries at home (which is never), or order a kids size portion if I get a craving. No more burgers or anything else from there for me. I know many people can’t avoid places like McDonald’s because it’s cheap and as I’ve witnessed, when your kid is screaming and foaming at the mouth like that kid from the Exorcist movie, just give them the chicken nugget!

What do the experts say? Look for alternatives. Make your own food ahead of time if possible so you’re not starving and looking for something quick to eat. Look for alternate recipes of your favorite foods, like what Weight Watchers provides their clients. Have a cheat day here and there. Enjoy every sinful bite, but don’t let it be what spirals you out of control for the rest of the week. Take notice of how you feel after you eat. Look at the picture at the top of the page and remember that’s now inside of you.

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  • Elan

    My kids love the apple’s but they also love the fries. All things are good in modeiatron right. Now the kids can be healthier while the parents can order that super sized bigmac with extra fries and mayo and……. And an extra lrg diet coke just to be healthy.

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