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    The aftermath of the Orlando shooting. #HealOrlando

    It was just like any other morning, except this morning as I was finishing up Hunter’s early am feed, the headline across my cell phone told me that there was breaking news of an ongoing tragedy in Orlando, FL. Fast forward a few hours later, and we all get the sickening news on the deadly attack targeting the LGBTQ community. at Pulse nightclub. I cried. I thought to myself, “what kind of world am I raising my son in.” I could never understand why it’s such a big deal to just let people love whomever they want. It may not be the top news story anymore, but many of us are…

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    Are you an emotional eater?

      by  hang_in_there    Fighting with your overbearing mother. A unexpected visit from your mother-in-law. The guy you’re seeing forgot your birthday…and your name. Cousin Lisa, determined to repopulate the world post-Zombie apocalypse, is having yet another baby. What do you do? You celebrate with a nice big bag of potato chips of course! Except that there must have been a hole in the bottom of the bag, because there’s absolutely no way you could have eaten it all. After all, everyone knows the bags are half-filled with air anyway.