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5 Things To Remind Yourself Daily.

5 Things To Remind Yourself Daily (because I know you’re out there running around like a chicken without a head)!

  1. I Am Amazing. Just they way I am already. Not if I get that new job, relationship, degree – just as you are in this very moment.
  2. I Can Do Anything. I can do anything and even if I fail, I can always try again, and then try it a different way if that still didn’t work. I can also reinvent myself to be exactly who I was meant to be at any time or age I chose to do so.
  3. Positivity Is A Choice. You can chose to always be that person oversharing all your drama on Facebook, with that permanent black cloud hanging over you, or you can choose to feel all your emotions (good and bad), and then decide to see (interpret) things in a positive light anyway. Even if it at first it doesn’t come natural to you.
  4. I Celebrate My Individuality. While I may have role-models, mentors and people in my field that I admire, I can never be them. I can only be me so why not celebrate that!
  5. I Am Prepared To Succeed. In whatever way success means to me.

XOXO Helen

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