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    Health Hack: A healthy (and cheap) alternative to soda.

    I used to guzzle diet coke like no ones business! Not only did I think I was doing the right thing (it does say diet right), but it was such a part of my daily diet that I truly enjoyed the taste. Snack time? Diet coke. Hung over? Diet coke. Don’t want to drink water? Diet Coke. Need a base for your alcohol? Diet coke. And on and on it went. Back then, not even the headaches and lack of weight loss clued me in as to what I was really doing to my body.

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    What you drink matters! #2BSparkling

    This is a sponsored post with 2B Drinks, but I only give my full and honest opinion for all reviews. Did you used to chug diet soda like I used to, thinking that you were doing something good for your body? Only to find out months, or years later that you were actually harming it, and probably making yourself fat?! I know I was super upset when I found out that any just about any drink with the word “diet” in front of it, was actually making me hold onto the weight I was working so hard to lose.