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    How martial arts can reduce stress.

    Disclosure: This is a sponsored guest post.  There are going to be times where we are going to feel particularly stressed and as women, along with everything else that is stressful we become even more stressed about appearing stressed in our facial features. The mind and body are linked throughout our lives and it becomes an ongoing cycle, therefore we must learn to respect both our emotional and physical needs. Learn to be able to balance ourselves and adapt with our feelings. Experts say that women feel particularly stressed more than men, and this is because more women have a career outside the home and struggle to maintain the perfect…

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    Women, stress and balancing it all + Giveaway Rules #GoRedLATINO

    Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as part of a campaign with the American Heart Association. As always, all opinions are always my own! I love New York and will always be a “city girl,” but the work culture here for the most part is like the Rihanna song, “work, work, work.” If you have time to breathe then apparently you’re not doing enough! Not getting enough sleep because you’re so busy is something people are proud of. Being stressed out seems to be a way of life. We’ve been led to believe some or all of this is normal, but it’s not true. Several studies and medical opinions have…

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    Are you an emotional eater?

      by  hang_in_there    Fighting with your overbearing mother. A unexpected visit from your mother-in-law. The guy you’re seeing forgot your birthday…and your name. Cousin Lisa, determined to repopulate the world post-Zombie apocalypse, is having yet another baby. What do you do? You celebrate with a nice big bag of potato chips of course! Except that there must have been a hole in the bottom of the bag, because there’s absolutely no way you could have eaten it all. After all, everyone knows the bags are half-filled with air anyway.