Overview on Celiac Disease

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    • Brussuily says:

      Since my gluten-free rimegen began after diagnosis for intolerance ; I’ve sought nutritional direction and assistance with finding a new path for cooking. However, baking has never been high on my list of favorites, mostly because my own consumption of wheat flour-based desserts was never enjoyable and their creation just as unsatisfying. In this book, the ingredients, steps, methods and results are all TOP NOTCH. Great attention and just-enough explanation has helped me create very delectable cakes and pies that I would have never bothered attempting before. As with most recipe books, the paperback version is void of helpful photos. However, it has given my family and friends another glance into the challenges of eating gluten-free; it’s great for sharing recipes with those who’d cook for those with intolerances/allergies.

  1. Aileen says:

    I know how you feel,, i went through this also about 3 years ago my failmy didnt realy understand the importance of not eating gluten just hang in there. trust me i know its hard, i went 15 years eating bread my whole life! i loved it sooooo much, and now all of a suden i cant eat it.even though ive been diagnosed for 3 years, its still new to me, and i still wished i could eat bread all the time.but there are so many new products coming out that are labeled gluten free

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