Don’t forget to love yourself first!

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Anybody else have a mild heart attack that we’re almost halfway through February already?? I know I just did. One minute I’m celebrating my birthday on January 6th (still accepting presents), and next thing I know there’s Valentine’s Day stuff everywhere I go!

Why, might you be asking, is a health site talking about love? Well I’m a firm believer that if you’re all messed up on the inside, it’s going to eventually manifest itself on the outside. Don’t believe me? How many of you have had your face break out when stressed, get sick in the ¬†middle of finals, or have eaten your feelings all the way through a whole bag of chips. It’s happened to me too.

When I was in the midst of an awful relationship, I used to numb “the voice”(intuition/guardian angels) telling me to get the hell out of there – usually with some alcohol and a bag of snickers. I developed some horrible eating habits and then would starve myself for a day or so until I felt like I had “made up” for my binge.

It had gotten to the point where my hairdressers used to look at me and wonder why my normally thick curly hair, had gotten so thin. The clumps of hair lying on my bathroom floor, was proof that I could no longer live this way.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Lotus Carroll’s

Fast forward a few years, and I’ve spent the last few Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend at the time, or with my #bffs (best friend forever). No matter the situation, I always managed to have a blast! I learned to drop the expectations/fears that this day defines who I am as a woman. I loved and ¬†appreciated whoever was in my life on “that” day, but I also learned to love myself first.

So this Friday, instead of being bitter, be better. Thank God for your blessings and appreciate those who are in your life, and be thankful for those who left leaving room for the Universe/God to do his magic.

Xoxo Helen

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