Earth Day 2011

What exactly is Earth Day you may ask? Well it started over 39 years ago by Senator Gaylord Nelson(WI) and is now “the largest secular holiday in the world, celebrated by more than a half billion people every year”. Simply put, it is a day where we focus our attention on the environment, and see how we can collectively take steps to change public policy in order to protect Mother Earth. If you are like me, you are probably already disturbed by all the tornado’s, floods, tsunami, getting snow in spring, that is clearly indicating that something is not right.

Most of us have hectic lifestyles, but that does not mean we are excused from doing our part in preserving the earth for future generations. Maybe you can attend an Earth Day event, start recycling, buy organic and just waste less. In 2011 we should all take more responsibility for our health and that includes knowing the source of what we put into our bodies.

Here in New York you can visit www.earthdayny.org for a list of events and programs going on throughout the city for you to check out.

Have a great Earth Day 
xo Helen


  • Sujeiry

    My job is actually taking the teens of our program to the Earth Day celebration on Saturday. Should be a lot of fun!

    Thanks for the Informative post 🙂

  • Itzel Yagual

    Excellent post! Even though we may have demanding lifestyles we should all pitch in and do our part in preserving mother nature. Keep on sharing the knowledge and continue to remind us of our beautiful planet and what it has to offer.

  • Denise

    On Earth Day I will plant a plant with my kids.I always try and bring a tote bag to the market and I try and buy more fruits and veggies. I try and avoid can foods. My kids love going to the nearest farmers market.Did you know how long it takes for some materials to decompose? Paper- 2.5 months, Orange Peel- 6 months, Milk Carton- 5 years; Cigarette Butt- 10-12 years; Plastic bag- 10-20 years; Disposable diaper- 75 years; Tin can- 100 years; Beer can- 200-500 years; Styrofoam- never (immortal) For Earth Day Jewels by D. LaPaix will use all her old beads and make a fabulous Necklace and put it in my web-site jewelsbydlapaix.com

  • Jersey Fashionista

    Yay Happy Earth Day! I agree we need to help take care of the Earth so our children can benefit form it in the future 🙂 My daughter loves earth day and has been talking about it all month! It starts at home by teaching to be clean, recycle, not throw trash on the streets etc. Nice post Helen!

  • Nic

    Great post Helen! We all have to take responsibility to do our part in taking care of both our Earth and our bodies. It is so important. Hope you had a great Earth Day! Keep up the good work of reporting on important issues!

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