Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday!

Today I take time to stop and appreciate all that has happened not only since the past six months as Ms. New York Belleza Latina 2011, but also the past two years! My life is so different and I tell everyone I meet, that the “Universe” gives you a chance to do a U-turn with your life at any age. As I continue on my journey I have to thank my family, friends and sponsors that have helped me along the way. Just like some say it takes a “village to raise a child”, I believe along with an authentic personality, it takes a good network to become successful. It has been amazing meeting other like-minded women entrepreneurs that are just as motivated and like me, are driven by pure passion. It’s what keeps us all going. When I am up still at 2am, 3am doing all sorts of things, like returning emails, finally listening to my voicemail or editing blogs, I find it so funny that I will send a message to one of these women and get a response right back! They too are burning the prolific “midnight oil”.

I urge all of you women out there, no matter where your passion may lie, as a mother, wife, teacher, entrepreneur – just go for it! I am content in knowing that when I am a little old lady (still very fabulous of course), I will have no regrets, because I am finally living. To those “younger” women I say find one thing that you are interested in and try it out, be creative and just get out there. Life is to be fully lived, mistakes and all. Six months later, it has been all worth the many tears, lack of sleep, laughter and experiences I have had. I am amazed at how far I have come (I re-read my very first blog post), and how much further I am going. I wish you all love and success!
xxoo Helen

For those that may not know that much about me and what brought me here, I was featured on Eliz Talks

WEPA!!! credit: MY Lifestyleny Magazine

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