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Fight The Blues This Winter!

Please welcome guest writer and nutritionist, Adriana Sanchez of Palette 2 Palate

Fight the blues this winter! By celebrating the shades of blue in your wardrobe and eating super-foods.

There is no time to feel blue this winter. When your step out to all those holiday festivities looking so hot with this Calvin Klein sequin trim one shoulder dress. When you walk around the party you will uplift everyone’s mood.

If you love accessories how about this beautiful blue gemstone bracelet from the Caribbean Goddess collection by jewels by D.La Paix. WOW! This one piece of jewelry will make a strong stylish statement when your shaking hands with people.

Blue is so great you can’t get enough of it? Why don’t you dazzle everyone with you eyes this fall. Do a smokey eye with a twist of shimmer and blues try this Bobbi Brown Palette.

Ladies of course if your wearing blue you should be eating blue super-foods like Blueberries. Blueberries are super high in antioxidants which are good to fight off free radicals,these are material that can hurt our cells and organs. And Ladies, did I mention that blueberries can slow the process of aging! So if you can’t afford botox anytime soon….this is the best fruit to add to your grocery list and consume all year long. Blueberries are also an excellent brain food to help keep your memory strong. So with all that we must GO BLUE!!

About the author:

Adriana Sanchez is a former fashion stylist and has been a nutritionist for the past 13 years. After becoming a mother and then losing her mom to cancer in 2006, she felt a strong sense of responsibility to reach out to women to start taking preventative measures and to start eating right. She is committed to educating women on the importance of a healthy lifestyle so that they may continue to care for their loved ones. Combining the two things she is most passionate about, fashion and nutrition led to the start of her blog,Palette 2 Palate.

Palette 2 Palate will take you through the seasons of the year and let you know the hip seasonal colors you must have in your closet along with the colors of the fruits and vegetables you should add to your dinner table. Beauty should be within and out. Feeling fabulous inside is crucial to making one feel fabulous on the outside. With Palette 2 Palate color is in all year round!!

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