Happy Holidays

Happy holidays to you all! Whatever you may celebrate; Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa even Festivus – relax and just enjoy the moment.

Be grateful

To have your family surrounding you, even that crazy relative of yours (yes we all have one – or maybe that’s you?). There are plenty of us who wish we had just one extra day with a loved one that has passed on.

For the food you will share with one another. My mom has been cooking for two days now. Lechón, arroz con gandules, pasteles and on and on and on. Enjoy it all. Forget the diet for a day or two and remember to wear something that stretches to the dinner table.

Gifts. Of course the holidays are not solely about buying or receiving gifts. They are also most definitely not about getting into fights just so you can say you got the new Air Jordans (shaking my head!!). Whatever is under the tree, stocking, menorah or wherever else people put presents, be grateful. You don’t know what the other person may have sacrificed to make sure you got something you wanted.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
xoxo Helen


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