Motivation Monday

Joy Within

If you are looking for joy in the things you own, the things you want to own, or place it in the hands of others, you might find yourself disappointed. Things and conditions can give you pleasure and a temporary illusion of joy, but they will also give you pain. Instead look within. Forget about the past or future and focus on the present. Be conscious of what you are doing now. Have fun, be grateful for everything around you and celebrate every accomplishment.

Happy Motivational Monday xoxo

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  • Lucas

    I resolve each day to thank God for anohter morning. He promises us that His mercies are new every morning. I cling to that, especially in weeks like this when my emotions have me on a roller coaster ride because of flashbacks and trying to open up more to my husband about what I am going through.Dr. Robyn McKay posted this on her Day 11 Facebook post (she is doing a 14 days to happy journey): most of us treat happiness like it’s a destination one that we might get to someday after we’ve succeeded. We have it backwards. If you want to be successful, focus on you (sic) wellbeing right now. Happiness and well-being creates (sic) the conditions for success to arise.This really spoke to me. When I began this journey to heal my heart and soul, my thought process was that if I keep walking each day, at the end, I will find happiness. In other words, focus on each success as a step toward happiness. In a sense this is true. But, what speaks to me is if I approach each step in the journey, focusing on my happiness and well-being first, I will have the strength to take each step, no matter how hard, each step will take me farther, and my successes will be much sweeter. It might sound like common sense, but when I am in weeks like this where my emotions are very overwhelming, the simplest of concepts can be profound in helping me to rebound and be healthier, to refocus on what my journey is really about.

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