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Happy Mother’s Day – Feliz Día de las Madres

Yes that’s me!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom Juana, whom I affectionately call “Mamá Juana” (just like the rum concoction). I love her with all my heart! Yes we bump heads, and yes I’ve counted to ten in my head many times, saying “Dios ayudame” when she can’t understand where I am coming from. I’ve also dodged (and missed) a few chancletas here and there as she very quickly let me know that she will not tolerate any disrespect. It all makes me remember how much the world and our roles and expectations as women have changed between our generations. While she may not fully understand what I am doing all the time, she always supports me. I am very lucky and I know it.

New Latina also gave me the opportunity to write a love letter,  una carta de amor to my mother, you can read it here Para Mamá Juana.

Also Mother’s Day is the start of National Women’s Health Week! Besides taking your mom out to her favorite restaurant or getting her the perfume you know she will love, give her the gift of health. I want my mother to be in great health when I am finally a mother also.  Now that she is in her sixties in her twenties (wink wink), I want to make sure she is taking the time to schedule and keep her regular checkups, mammograms etc.

To find out more about National Women’s Health Week visit

Para todas las madres, les deseo mucho amor y felicidad. A mis hermanas y amigas que son madres, te admiro por ser madres fuertes y mostrar a sus hijos a ir tras sus sueños. A las madres que siempre me recibe en sus casas, les doy las gracias! A todos que sus madres estan con los ángeles, sé que este día puede ser difícil para ti, pero tu mamá está sonriendo sobre ti y nunca te ha dejado. Para mi abuela Elena, a quien fue nombrado y que también era mi segunda madre, te amo y te extraño mucho, espero que estas orgullosa de .

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