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Health Hack: 3 Small Changes That Make A Big Difference in Your Health.

Just about every week there is something new in the health world. Eat this. NO wait, don’t eat that!! Try this pill, or buy a waist-trainer, or better yet, let’s just spin that fat off! As a former beauty queen I have probably tried everything there was. Some of it worked, but only temporarily. As a health professional, I know better. Our bodies have a science and rhythm to them that fad diets or products won’t fix. Here are three proven changes that will make a difference in your health.

1. Don’t skip your pap smear.

Thanks to Obamacare, well-woman visits are now FREE! Still don’t have insurance? Thankfully we have places like Planned Parenthood that provide FREE or low-cost medical care depending on your income. I can’t stress how important it is to take care of your vagina.   Regardless of whether you want to have children in the future, are a student, or have been single for sometime, you all need to get checked out. Remember that song, “the thigh bone is connected to the knee bone..” everything in our body is connected. What I have noticed is that our vaginas can be affected by our stomach or gut and vice versa. If something is off with one, left untreated, it may start to affect the other. Our bodies do tell us when something is off, so don’t ignore it. Let’s take care of ourselves as well as we do our parents, children or loved ones.

2. Get your blood work done.

You might be surprised by what the blood work shows. Many women are finding that they are lacking in essentials needed for our body to function properly, like iron and vitamin D. In fact, some studies have shown that Latino and African American women in particular are deficient. Other things to check include your cholesterol and triglycerides. Your body might be telling you that something is wrong by feeling like you are tired no matter how much sleep you get, or worse, may not leave any symptoms until you have a heart attack or stroke. The great news is that most of this is reversible! But we have to find out what’s going on first in order to take action.

3. Move your body every single day.

No gym, no problem. You can still get a workout without any fancy equipment or money for a gym membership. There are free aps like Sworkit Lite, Ftness Buddy, and 7 minute workout. If you are stuck at home, even if you just march in place while watching your novelas, it counts. When you are sitting or lying in bed, do some leg lifts, move your arms and legs like you are making a snow angel. Use a water bottle as a weight. Our bodies can get deconditioned easily, so a little movement every day goes a long way in keeping our bodies, heart, lungs and brain in shape.


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