High Volume Fashion Show for Icla da Silva Foundation

With Dr. Robert Rey in my SISA Design dress.

Saturday, March 19th, I joined Dr. Robert Rey of E! Channel’s Show, Dr. 90210, Brazilian Top Model Camila Brant and Dr. Jason A. Worrall, D.C.  at Casa do Brazil for the High Volume Fashion Show.  The show was organized by Christina Madrona and Caio Castro. High Volume Fashion is a Latin Charity Trunk Show that welcomes new Latin designers to the New York Fashion Industry, while bringing awareness for children and adults in need of Bone Marrow transplants for the Icla da Silva Foundation, a nonprofit organization.

The Icla da Silva foundation was established in 1992 in memory of 13 year-old Icla from Brazil. When diagnosed with leukemia, her family sold everything in order to bring her to the United States to continue the search for a donor match and also get Icla the best medical care available at that time.  Sadly after two years of battling leukemia she passed, leaving a note expressing her final wishes to her mom, wanting the family to continue helping others still in need.  Since then the Icla da Silva foundation has become the largest recruitment center for the Be The Match Marrow Registry in the United States. There is a strong focus particularly for minority donors, since there is a dire shortage, and they would serve as better matches given their similar genetic makeup.  Please take a moment to visit the Icla da Silva Foundation and consider signing up to be a potential donor and also read more about the donation process as it is understandable that many do not know what this process involves and are afraid of any risks associated with donation.  Typically, marrow donation is a surgical out-patient surgical procedure where most donors are back to their normal routines within a few days.

For more information visit Icla da Silva Foundation at www.icla.org
On Monday, March 28, 2011 there will be a Marrow Drive from 10am to 1pm at the Consulado del Peru in Patterson, NJ.  More information is available on the website and also by calling 888-638-2870

To read more about the High Volume Fashion Show designs visit my column on examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/latina-entertainment-in-new-york/helen-troncoso

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