Move over J Lo it’s me H Tro

Ok so maybe J Lo has nothing to worry about – just yet anyway. What do you get when you take a rapper, a Michael Jackson impersonator and people in masks in the middle of Central Park – a music video!! It was for a new artist B3B3 pronounced (bay-bay) and was shot during one of those blistering hot New York City days.

credit: Sam Nicholson

Have you ever tried filming in a public space like Central Park? Me neither, so of course there were a couple of hiccups that delayed filming even more…like the tourists that come right into the middle of a scene to snap a picture, or the impromptu 2 man dance team that decided they were going to start their own performance, complete with over the top yelling, cops being called and some last minute bribing, but mi gente, that is the beauty of New York.

Take a look at the finished video below. I’m sure my Mama Juana will be happy to see that I’m fully clothed, not throwing any gang signs, nor shaking my nalgas like the rent money depended on it. The message in the song is actually great. Enjoy!It was a long day, even longer because I was hosting an event later that evening. However if I learned anything from the last time I did some extra work, is that you must have patience. You are going to wait and wait and wait. It’s just part of the process. Thankfully the director, crew and the other actors in the video were all great people to work alongside with.


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