Preparing for your appointment and making sure your doctor is for you: Steps 6 & 7

Continuing on the 8 steps that are a guide to your health, here are some quick tips on preparing for your appointment and choosing the right doctor for you.

The Appointment
1. Save time by bringing your insurance card with you.
2. Before going to your appointment is a good time to find out about your family’s medical history (if you can), and also writing down all the medications you are currently taking.
3. Have a list of questions, but make sure you have your top 3 readily available to ask in case there is not enough time.
4. If you need help, try to make an appointment where someone you trust can come with you.
**My personal tip for you all is that if you speak English and Spanish, but prefer speaking in Spanish for your medical appointments, try to bring a relative or friend with you to the appointment if that’s possible. Or, ask if the office has someone that speaks Spanish available during your appointment.

Your Doctor
Ask yourself these questions after you see any medical provider:
1. Am I comfortable with how they treated me during the appointment?
2. Could I communicate and also understand my doctor? Be honest with this, because if you need to switch providers, that’s perfectly fine.
3. Is my doctor someone who I can work with to make decision on my health? Are they not listening to me and my needs? Remember this is your health and life, and you need to be treated by a doctor that you feel comfortable with.

Para más información en español oprima aquí.

XOXO Helen

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