Motivation Monday

Stop making excuses & move already!


A couple of weeks ago I saw my younger sister cross something off her proverbial “bucket list” when she completed the ING NYC Marathon. I was waiting for her at the 26th mile marker with tears in my eyes, tracking her on my iPhone the whole time to see where she was, because I would never forgive myself if I  missed her. When I finally saw her, I started screaming her name and waving my arms like a crazy woman, giving her a quick hug as I told her choking back my tears that, “you did it!”. I was filled with pride, love and overwhelmed with joy as I got to witness her finishing something that I always wanted to do. I was so amazed because its not like she is particularly athletically inclined (sorry Joanna). You know what I mean, she always kept in shape, but before this she was just like many of us and perhaps only ran in short spurts, like to catch the train. What she did do that was different than many of us, is that she set a goal and then she took the steps to complete it. Despite having setbacks. Despite having people in our family think she is crazy because who runs 26.2 miles for fun? Yet she did it, and she is my hero and inspiration to running the marathon next year.

Congrats sis xoxo

This brings me to my personal fitness goals.
My weight has always somewhat fluctuated and I have not looked at a scale in over a year. I go by how my clothes fit and I refuse to buy anything larger than a size 6. So unless I want to go around wearing a bed sheet, I better stop making excuses as to why I don’t have time to exercise and start a new fitness plan. I got myself into fabulous shape this past August when I competed at the International Belleza Latina pageant by exercising daily, sometimes 2x a day and by following a nutritional plan provided by my then trainer Shaun Spencer. I had a goal I set and I completed it, but then like many people before me I stopped at the most difficult part – maintaining the weight loss. UGH!

August 2011

Now its November and I’m giving myself a fresh start. I’m tired of feeling so sluggish and depending on 5 hour energy drinks to keep me awake. I want to put away my spanx (gasp). I want that extra confidence I get when I know I look (and feel) my best. So this means getting myself back into the routine of exercising everyday. It means stopping the million excuses I seem to come up with and putting aside any personal hiccups I may encounter, because that’s just another excuse. I’ve even enrolled myself into a fitness boot camp that starts on Wednesday, the day before the most gluttonous day possible aka Thanksgiving. I’m imagining a drill sergeant yelling at me while I’m sweating my you know what off. I’m also imagining being in the best shape of my life – ever. It’s time, no more excuses.

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