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When life gives you lemons..

Happy Halloween! Feliz dia de los muertos! I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase;“when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. It implies making the best out of a given situation.

A quick google search to see how some people respond to that statement and I found everything from being passive, aggressive, to pushing it away so you can deal with it later. Pretty much like how many of us deal with our problems. Take a look at what I found like:


You can become angry, resentful and take it out on others. It can bring temporary contentment (kidding), but then what?


Then there is the, “I’m going to hide from my problems in a sea of alcohol”. Again, a temporary fix. Plus the mix of alcohol and sugar guarantees you’re going to be waking up with a hangover. The original problem plus a pounding headache awaits you (no bueno).


This could be seen a couple different ways. Acceptance, passivity. What are your thoughts?

We all have those “lemons” in our life from cars to people, but this is how I now try to approach the curve balls life is bound to throw at me now and then. Of course I have those moments where I get overwhelmed, or even fearful and start panicking of what my future will be, but I’m learning to not let that fear paralyze me from going after every single one of my goals. It helps that I’m no longer comparing myself with anyone else.

Struggles and challenges are often new opportunities in disguise – at least that’s how I look at them. Every time I have recently been put in a challenging position, I have been surprised by how it all eventually works out. It because I choose to make it a positive situation. You have that same choice also, to give into your fears or push through them and see what lies on the other side.

So my question to you is, what will you do when life hands you some lemons?

Disclosure: Absolutely no lemons were hurt during this blog post ;O

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