Dare Yourself To Dream Big

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5 Responses

  1. Sujeiry says:

    Didn’t watch last night but I’m so happy she won. We’re going to live the lives we want, Helen!

  2. Helena says:

    Thank you for sharing this Helen. I didn’t catch it last night – she is such an amazing actor. I love her words 🙂 I will be dreaming big and fierce.

  3. Sujeiry & Helena step by step we will all get there! xxoo

  4. Lovely, I can’t wait to see Latinas winning for not playing stereotypes on all of these award shows.

  5. Hi Letty! Me too. Part of that change starts with us. The more we continue to object/boycott and make the networks & advertisers realize we don’t want to see that, the closer we get to change. You have to hit them where it matters to them, in their pockets.

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