3 Ways to Make Monday Great!

This morning as my alarm went off, I slowly started to remember all the things that I had to do today. That mental list in my head started getting longer and longer until I realized I was clogging this day with tasks instead of appreciating my life this very moment. I made a conscious decision to change the negative energy I was starting to give off, and in doing so started to change my day. Here are 3 ways I have found to help make Mondays great!

Image via: hanaa.garad
Image via: hanaa.garad
  1. Do less. Cut at least 25% of what you planned and move it to another day or week. Don’t skip the truly the important things that will make a huge impact on you or your career of course, but if you focus on less, you’ll actually be able to more, in a less stressed and higher quality fashion.
  2. Move your body. I could bore you with research that proves that exercise makes you look and feel good, but instead I will just say that a quick walk, a few jumping jacks, even a quick stretch at your desk will do wonders to help clear your head and calm your mind as you go about your day.
  3. Listen to music. My love sometimes teases me about my choices in music, but that just shows me the beauty of how opposites attract. Maybe your work colleagues or family don’t want to hear you replay your favorite Calvin Harris song over and over, but if it bring you joy then go for it — with headphones of course!


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