Are you insured? Step 1: Make Your Health A Priority

Are you insured? And if you are insured, do you know what your benefits are and how to use them? Without a doubt the first step to creating a healthier life for you and for your family, is making you and your health a priority.

Sounds easy right and almost like common sense, but think about all the times (maybe even today) that you put off going to the gym. Or going to get that checkup. Or even thinking that you don’t need insurance right now. I’m definitely no stranger to feeling overwhelmed, tired and just too busy to do everything on my never ending “to-do” list, but one thing I’ve learned not to sacrifice is my health. It’s a lesson I learned many times, but most recently when I was rushing to go to work, fell and broke my ankle. Thank goodness for insurance, because on top of the excruciating pain and temporary loss of function, I don’t know how I would have handled expensive medical bills. I don’t have children, but I do have nieces and nephews that I want to be a positive example for. How can I tell them to make sure they get their vaccinations, put down the sodas and go out and exercise if I’m not doing the same? Actions always speak louder than words, especially with kids.

Open enrollment starts November 15th, and I’m always quite surprised by the amount of savings people who actually take the time to sign up for coverage, get. It’s actually quite easy to sign up, start by heading over to this website for more information here.

Para más información en español, oprima aquí: Capítulo 1: “Su primer seguro medico”

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