Congrats to the new Belleza Latina Queens!

Belleza Latina International Competition Finals

Congratulations to the new Belleza Latina Queens!! I will forever be grateful to this organization, and will always hold the memories of being Ms. New York Belleza Latina very close to my heart.

The "White Party" held during finals.
The “White Party” held during finals.

There was so much I learned about life, about others and especially about myself, that I wanted to share three of the biggest lessons from that experience.

No One Deserves To Win.

I have to admit, this one was a big one for me. Think about it, these competitions are like a beauty queen’s equivalent of the Super Bowl. You prepare all year-long for the main showdown., and anyone that tells you that they didn’t prepare and just showed up, I’ll tell you straight up, is lying. Needless to say, I thought I had it in the bag, and that the crown was mine! So when I was named 1st runner-up (still a big feat) I was a little (ok a lot) disappointed. You just have to remember that these types of competitions are subjective, so on a different day, there could have been a different winner. Be gracious and know it’s all part of a bigger plan you just can’t see yet.


Like It Or Not The Minute That Crown Goes On Your Head, You Become A Role Model.

Can you try and keep your messiness off social media please? Look, I’m not perfect and I even had my own little minor slip-up, but I think by now you should know that this is a job that comes with a lot of perks, but also a lot of responsibility. Should you be modeling in lingerie? Probably not unless that’s the type of system you are in. Should you be putting vine videos of you drinking and doing other (cough) illicit things – – especially if you are underage? No my dear. Again, no one is perfect, but you should really think about your true intentions before you enter these types of competitions. In the really “real” world, some of these same actions will cause you to get fired from your job. Again, just like that ex-boyfriend we regret texting the next morning, just say no…and turn off your phone.

Thank you Bisi of Crystal-Eyez makeup for making me feel beautiful during the competition weekend!
Thank you Bisi of Crystal-Eyez Makeup & Beauty Lounge for making me feel beautiful during the competition weekend!

This Is Just The Beginning.

Win or lose, it’s up to you to make it happen after the competition ends. Can you name every pageant winner off the top of your head? Probably not unless you’re obsessed with those kind of facts, but pretty much everyone has heard of former beauty queens like Vanessa Williams, Halle Berry and Diane Sawyer. I was lucky enough to have a few doors open for me afterwards, but it was my work ethic, morals and ability to reinvent myself that has led to my current blessings, and they are there for you too if you want it.

XOXO Helen

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