Guest Post: Let Others Become Part of Your Healing Process.

While I was in Washington, DC last month at the Latinos In Tech Innovation and Social Media Conference (LATISM), I had the chance to mingle with the Top Latin@ Digital Influencers, one of which was kind enough to share this blog post with you all today! Meryland Cuevas is a wonderful woman with an amazing heart and passion to help improve the lives of others. Be sure visit her website to read more gems of wisdom from this amazing woman! I’m happy to share this post below, as always take what resonates with you, and leave the rest.

When we are experiencing pain, suffering, heartbreak and/or feeling sad, our first instinct is to hide from sight, to avoid others seeing us like this, we wish we could bury our heads in a hole in the sand or have a magic cloak, like Harry Potter’s that make us invisible. Often times we feel shame for letting this suffering be part of us  and how it affect us in every aspect of our lives.

But the truth is that, letting others see how vulnerable we are is not a bad thing and nothing to feel ashamed of.  We are humans, we all go through trials, pains and tribulations in our lives, being able to acknowledge the fact that we can embrace our humanity and share our pain it’s a very brave thing to do.  Being honest and open about your feelings can give you the opportunity to share your pain with those near you who truly care for your well-being and also open the possibility of having them help you throughout this healing process. After all, nobody can help you if they don’t know what you are going through, right?

You know how agonizing it is going through an emotional pain and not letting anyone around you know about it!  – It’s like keeping the doors locked when your house is on fire and forbid access to the rescue team – .  Doing this creates what I like to call the “Pressure Cooker Effect”.  You all have seen how the pressure cooker works, right? First, you put your ingredients inside, tightly seal the lid and let it cook and boil,  when the pressure of  the steam inside the cooker starts building up and then it abruptly burst out through the lid nozzle, if this wouldn’t happen, the cooker would definitely explode because of the pressure inside.

Keeping emotions hidden in your mind and heart is really not the best route, it’s like putting all those ingredients inside the pressure cooker and waiting for the steam to make it blow.  This could easily lead to a deep state of depression and other emotional situations that can put your mental and physical health at risk.  I remember when I was going through my last breakdown, all the pressure inside me exploded making me emotionally unstable, having panic attacks and even manifesting physically as a facial paralysis and symptoms of a stroke.  This is no joke!  Not until I started opening up and letting my feelings out, talking about it with others, finding ways to deal with my pain (because even doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me), that’s when I started my healing process.

Yes, It does hurt, you need to give yourself the time and the space to mourn the loss and shed the tears, it is a necessary part of any healing process, I promise it will hurt less and less once you start letting it out of your system.  Don’t beat yourself too hard, you are not alone (even if you think you are), you have friends and family who loves you and don’t want to see you in pain, hold on to those who will lift you up in moments like this, grab the phone and call a friend or someone who you know will listen.

You can also write, use your pain as fuel for letting those words flow like rivers, writing it’s a wonderful therapy (this was an advice given to me by a psychologist I was seeing and it really helps).  The story you are writing right now, could be the story that will save others. Write this story, write your pain, your emotions, let them out…  it will be part of your healing and it will also be a legacy for others whom you will help to heal as well.

Remember this, you are not alone and you don’t have to go through your healing process by yourself.  Rely on the love of those who are there for you and let them help you.  I’ve been through this pain myself and I know all too well both sides of the story, if you want my help, please know I am here for you.

What is your opinion on this? I would love to read your comments below.  If you believe this post has value to you, please also share it with others.  Sharing is caring.

About our guest blogger:

Meryland Cuevas is a Certified Transformational & Assertiveness Coach, author, speaker, empowerment & success strategist and mentor. She believes you are here for a reason… Because you realized that you are worthy of success and to live a happier life. Because you are ready to give your life the positive CHANGE you know you can have! You already know that you can have what you want and I am here to help you get more out of life, because I know that you deserve it too! So Let’s do it!

Thank you Meryland!


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