If I can do it, YOU can do it!

The more I read and talk with what most of us would consider “successful” people, the more I learn that while their experiences may have been different, there’s a general pattern of some breaking point, a period of reflection and then taking steps toward reinvention.

The breaking point is different for everyone. Some had tragedies and disappointments that made me want to cry, while others had things happen to them that were just as important to them, but maybe in more subtle ways. The period of reflection could have been shorter or longer for each person, but somehow they all found themselves ready to take those first steps to reinvent themselves, no matter how terrifying those first steps may have been. I found my way there too, and I truly believe if I can do it, you can do it too.

I leave you with this quote from James Clear

There’s nothing special that happens to the people who choose to reinvent themselves and chase their dreams. It’s not any easier for them than it is for you. It’s just that at some point, they choose to do the work. They choose to take action. And they choose themselves.

XOXO Helen

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