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    Embracing Closed Doors.

      How many times have you wanted something or somebody so bad that you made a million promises in your head on what you would do once you received it. Only to be devastated when it just didn’t happen. Sometimes not getting what you want, is just as important for your growth and journey as getting it. Sometimes the timing is off. You may not want to hear this, but it might also be┬ábecause it’s just not right for you. And while what may be better for us might not appear right away, you have to remain open enough to allow what’s better to come into your life by closing…

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    Like A Boss!

    I saw this on Nicey Nash’s instagram, and just had to bring it over here on my site. How true is this friends? All those things that we thought we couldn’t survive — we did! Like a boss! Happy hump day. XOXO Helen

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    Don’t let your limited situation, limit you.

    Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. This Sunday I had my first group coaching of the year to a group of incredibly brave women. We all have goals and dreams, but many of us are content with leaving them there instead of doing the work it takes to make them a reality. As much as we may cry and pray for change, when push comes to shove it’s actually safer to stay the same. You already know what to expect. The unknown is crazy scary, but that’s where miracles happen. We’ve all been in a situation that limits us. Finances, lack of family support and…

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    You’re never too old to chase your dreams!

    On Monday, 64 year-old Diana Nyad became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a protective cage or flippers. That’s more than 100 miles in shark-infested, jellyfish stinging water. Did I mention this was also her fifth attempt? She’s my freaking hero. How often do we give up on our dreams before we even give them a fair chance to grow? How many times did you give up because you failed, or because didn’t want to look stupid? How many times did you settle, or convince yourself that, “it’s not so bad” so you could learn to accept what’s comfortable instead of choosing what’s unknown? If you’re…

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    Reinvent Your Health

    Do you look in the mirror and don’t like what’s staring back at you? Or do you wish that you felt, or lived a certain way? Then it’s finally time to reinvent your health and life. Before you start any kind of health, fitness or diet plan, you need to clean your emotional house. Here’s another important thing you must do. You must make a conscious decision to take responsibility for your health. This is your life, and this is a lifelong commitment. Stop all the excuses and reasons why you can’t commit to living the life you’ve always wanted. Look back at the times when you started something new.…