Don’t let your limited situation, limit you.

Happy Monday friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. This Sunday I had my first group coaching of the year to a group of incredibly brave women. We all have goals and dreams, but many of us are content with leaving them there instead of doing the work it takes to make them a reality. As much as we may cry and pray for change, when push comes to shove it’s actually safer to stay the same. You already know what to expect. The unknown is crazy scary, but that’s where miracles happen.

We’ve all been in a situation that limits us. Finances, lack of family support and fear are some of the big ones. I’ve been there so I know how hard it is to ignore these things and move forward, but we must. We weren’t made to sit on the sidelines, and we sure as he** were not made to let our limited situations limit us from all that we were meant to be.

For my small group of fearless women, I’m so proud of you all, and am looking forward to hearing all the wonderful things they will be doing this year.

xoxo Helen


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