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Five things you need to do today before the New Year.

December where did you come from?! In less than a month, it’s going to be 2014 guys. Before you pop some that bottle of Veuve to ring in a new year, here are 5 things you should do to help make 2014 a year to remember.

Clean out your e-mail.
Follow-up on any emails you meant to send, but have just been collecting dust in your inbox. Otherwise delete it. Make folders for emails you want to save for future reference.

Renew yourself.
I admit that there are times when I go with little sleep, and there are certainly days (weeks) where you and I are just going to have to do that. But, it’s not something that we should do months on end. Go to bed. Wake up and take a few minutes just for yourself to meditate. It sounds silly, but take some deep breaths in and out, and focus just on your breath. It’s amazing sometimes how the simplest things will help to center us and lower our stress levels.

No more negative talk.
Avoid words like “I can’t” “maybe” or make a statement and then say “but…” which totally negates everything you just said beforehand. Don’t talk yourself out of something before you even get started.

Get real with your health.
This means making and keeping your annual checkups, enjoying not overindulging at holiday parties, and getting real with what’s not working anymore. Are you happy with how you look and feel, or is it time to finally be the person you dream about?

Invest in yourself
There are tons of great and FREE resources out there for our personal growth, but there are times when we need to make sound investments in things like websites, classes, and coaches to help get us to the next level. Think about all the time and energy you’re going to be saving by getting professional help. Instead of wasting money on the latest iPhone or shoes or just a fun night out, save that money to invest in something that will still be benefiting you, long after those other things become distant memories.

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