Progress not perfection

I’m entering a different phase in my life with some new projects, so I wanted to slim down a bit. You should know that in the past I would have starved myself, maybe even slammed some crazy cayenne and lemon drink concoction for days (I’m talking to you Beyonce), or popped the latest diet pill to help peel off the pounds.

I will never, ever do that s*** again.

You know what happened next, I would lose some weight, but as soon as I started to eat anything I gained it all back.

It’s taken a long time, but I can finally say I can lose weight without destroying my health at the same time. I’m eating better, moving more and trying to get more sleep. I don’t live at the gym, and definitely enjoy my occasional glass of wine. And french fries! Sure the weight may not come off as fast as before, but it comes off and stays off. That’s real life, and my new lifestyle.


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