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    Named a “Mujer Exitosa” by FORD!

    Hello friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I just wanted to share a bit of great news I just received. I was selected by Ford, as 1 of 10 influential Latinas in the Tri-State area! How amazing is that 🙂 Thank you so much to Lorraine Ladish of Viva Fifty for the interview, and to FORD for the recognition. When you’re in this space, there are plenty of moments when you just want to stop and crawl back into your bed and just stop. It can be the most amazing, but overwhelming and frustrating journey one can take. That’s why I truly believe things like this are little…

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    Your health matters – are you insured?

    Disclosure: I am participating in a paid outreach program for Consumer Reports, however all opinions presented here are mine. A few years ago I had just started a new job, when BAM – it happened. It wasn’t a particularly dreadful winter day. It had just started to lightly snow and I was walking the same pathway to work that I had done many times. I blinked and before I knew it I had slipped on some black ice and fallen right on my behind. My first thought of course was embarrassment. There I was, lying on the ground (patas arriba like my dad would say) with my things thrown everywhere.…

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    Lucky me, I finally got the flu!

    Spring is finally so close, I can see it in the horizon, so naturally that means I finally got the flu. I thought I had it made. I survived crazy weather changes, hung around people who were sick, and even went out with wet hair (don’t tell my Mama Juana). I somehow managed to escape getting the flu. Until now.

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    Don’t let your limited situation, limit you.

    Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. This Sunday I had my first group coaching of the year to a group of incredibly brave women. We all have goals and dreams, but many of us are content with leaving them there instead of doing the work it takes to make them a reality. As much as we may cry and pray for change, when push comes to shove it’s actually safer to stay the same. You already know what to expect. The unknown is crazy scary, but that’s where miracles happen. We’ve all been in a situation that limits us. Finances, lack of family support and…

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    The importance of colors around us. #ColorLatino

    I’ll never forget when I was doing one of my first clinical rotations at HealthPark Medical Center in Fort Myers, Florida. My jaw dropped the first time I walked in and took in the beautiful glass elevators, piano player in the middle of the lobby and soothing color scheme straight out of the Sherwin Williams neutral nuances color palettes. I remarked to one of my mentors that this hospital looked like a hotel. She agreed, and said that finally, here was a place where people could come to when they’re not feeling well, that’s not depressing. She said now the hospital had a certain vibrance. Almost six years later, I…

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    Reinvent Your Health

    Do you look in the mirror and don’t like what’s staring back at you? Or do you wish that you felt, or lived a certain way? Then it’s finally time to reinvent your health and life. Before you start any kind of health, fitness or diet plan, you need to clean your emotional house. Here’s another important thing you must do. You must make a conscious decision to take responsibility for your health. This is your life, and this is a lifelong commitment. Stop all the excuses and reasons why you can’t commit to living the life you’ve always wanted. Look back at the times when you started something new.…