Three reasons why I’m going to be raising a bilingual child.

Picture taken at the Grand Canyon.
Picture taken at the Grand Canyon.

It seems like just yesterday I was staring in disbelief at the two distinct lines of my undeniably positive pregnancy test, and now I’m frantically getting ready to meet Baby Noble in a few short months. In addition to making sure he or she will have the most stylish outfits, latest gadgets and everything else everyone tells me I need, I am slowly building a nice book collection too!

For me, making sure my baby is safe, healthy, feels loved and nurtured are of the upmost priority. Everything else is just “extra” and nice to have. I like many mums before me, want to give my baby the best start to life that’s possible, and for me that means introducing my little one to the Spanish language. Here are three reasons why my baby will be growing up bilingual, I hope to inspire you to do the same too!

Connection to my culture.

There are many ways I feel connected to my culture, and speaking Spanish is one of them. Not only will Baby Noble be able to speak to his or her abuelos, let’s face it, Spanish is a language that they will need forever. Whether Baby Noble lives in Hong Kong, New York or somewhere in between, chances are it will only benefit them to know a second language not only for their family life, but for their future career and life experiences. As an added bonus, Daddy Noble is Australian, so these books can help him learn Spanish too (ha)!

Improved academic performance.
I read an interesting article in The New Yorker, which led me to a research study that suggested bilingualism may improve academic performance, specifically noting the ability for the child to easily switch from task to task. While the effects might be not be so notable throughout adulthood, it also suggests that being bilingual may help to resist the effects of dementia.

Emotional benefits.
In a few short months, I’ll have my own little family. Someone will call me mum, another his partner/wife and we’ll slowly start to form our own traditions and memories that will be special just to us. I’ll be totally honest and let you know that my Spanish could use some refinement. When I’m not surrounded by other Spanish-speakers, I start to lose my extra “umph” and lose the strength of rolling an r correctly. Being bilingual will help me as much as it will help Baby Noble.

How cute are these books!!

My sister recently gifted me the cutest books from Child’s Play, and I love how cute and educational these books are. They are such great quality and well-illustrated. I can’t wait to share my love of language and reading with Baby Noble.


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