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    Happy Birthday to me!

    Today I am thankful for another year of health, happiness and peace of mind. This year I will be welcoming my first child with the love of my life, which is probably the best gift that I could ever receive in my life. Thank you so much for all of your birthday wishes, I have read and appreciate each and every one of you for taking the time to reach out to me in person or online. Sending you all lots of love and good health! XOXO, Helen

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    Review: Creme of Nature Argan Oil Line

    Disclosure: Compensation and product was received, however this blog post and opinions are mine! I love this blog home I have created and would not post anything that I did not stand behind. I was recently given the opportunity to review the new and improved Argan Oil line of products from Crème of Nature, and I’m happy to report that I LOVE how these products left my hair!! Because sharing is caring, I’ll highlight some of my favorites below so you can get the look as well. First, a little background on my hair.

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    Embracing Closed Doors.

      How many times have you wanted something or somebody so bad that you made a million promises in your head on what you would do once you received it. Only to be devastated when it just didn’t happen. Sometimes not getting what you want, is just as important for your growth and journey as getting it. Sometimes the timing is off. You may not want to hear this, but it might also be because it’s just not right for you. And while what may be better for us might not appear right away, you have to remain open enough to allow what’s better to come into your life by closing…

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    Health Hack: Tone your arms while blow drying your hair!

    If you have ever gone to a salon to get a blowout, you might have noticed that your stylists arms are probably well-toned. That’s because day in and day out they are pushing, pulling and using several muscles in their arms to give us the straight hair we all love to have from time to time. Most of us can’t afford the money or the time to visit them everyday though, so we are left to do it on our own, taking anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour depending on the length or texture of our hair. That had me thinking, why not use that time to get a mini-workout…

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    Guest Post: Let Others Become Part of Your Healing Process.

    While I was in Washington, DC last month at the Latinos In Tech Innovation and Social Media Conference (LATISM), I had the chance to mingle with the Top Latin@ Digital Influencers, one of which was kind enough to share this blog post with you all today! Meryland Cuevas is a wonderful woman with an amazing heart and passion to help improve the lives of others. Be sure visit her website to read more gems of wisdom from this amazing woman! I’m happy to share this post below, as always take what resonates with you, and leave the rest.

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    Winner of Best Latino/Latina Health Blogger!

    On Thursday, October 29, 2015 thanks to your support, I was the winner of the Latinos In Tech Innovation and Social Media (LATISM) Best Latin@ Health Blogger Award!! I have to tell you that I was so shocked and incredibly humbled by the win and the support of my family, friends, colleagues and clients. Again, thank you so much, it really does mean more to me than you know! No one can deny the power of social media, and I am proud to be one of many influential voices bringing about much-needed health reform and awareness for everyone, but especially for women and minorities. During my acceptance speech I was overwhelmed…

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    #TBT: Family Dollar Fabulous Preview

    A few months ago I was thrilled to find out that I was selected as a blog influencer and brand ambassador for the second year in a row for Family Dollar!! This two-day event on October 6th and 7th took me to Atlanta this year, where I got the mingle with other amazing bloggers and brands that we all love! Called Family Dollar Fabulous, or #FDFabulous it is the premier beauty event for women of color. I love many things that Family Dollar stands for, obviously the “family” portion which has always been central to me as a Latina, and the fact that this company allows all women to look and…

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    I’m nominated for best Latino Health Blogger!

    Can I just tell you how amazing it was to find out that I was nominated by Latinos In Tech Innovation and Social Media (LATISM) for “Best Latino(a) Health Blogger.” I have been blogging for a few years now, first as a way to share what was going on with my life, and that evolved as I saw a need to talk about health and health disparities particularly with women and minority communities. It’s not always easy to write a post. I try to make them personal, because that is what resonates with me. You may leave yourself open to people critiquing your writing style, judging your lifestyle and so…

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    Health Hack: What To Do When You Only Have A Few Minutes To Get Fit.

    I have to start by saying that I’ve been there. Overworked. Tired. Maybe my period was coming. Whatever it was, I just didn’t have the time nor the energy to fit in an hour or more at the gym, but I knew I had to do something (anything) to make sure I kept moving toward my fitness goals. Here is what you need to do when you only have a few minutes a day, and still want to get in a full-body workout.

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    Date Someone Worthy Of Your Love. #ReinventYou

    Date someone who is interested in you. I don’t mean someone who thinks you’re cute or funny. I mean someone who wants to know every insignificant detail about you. Someone who wants to read every word you write. Someone who wants to hear every note of your favorite song, and watch every scene of your favorite movie. Someone who wants to find every scar upon your body, and learn where each one came from. Someone who wants to know your favorite brand of toothpaste, and which quotes resonate deep inside your bones when you hear them. There is a difference between attraction and interest. Find the person who wants to…

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    Health Hack: 3 Small Changes That Make A Big Difference in Your Health.

    Just about every week there is something new in the health world. Eat this. NO wait, don’t eat that!! Try this pill, or buy a waist-trainer, or better yet, let’s just spin that fat off! As a former beauty queen I have probably tried everything there was. Some of it worked, but only temporarily. As a health professional, I know better. Our bodies have a science and rhythm to them that fad diets or products won’t fix. Here are three proven changes that will make a difference in your health.

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    The ABCs of health insurance.

    While this post has been sponsored by Access Better Coverage and PhRMA, all opinions are always my own. Health insurance is so important. I’ve really come to appreciate that during my travels overseas when there is always that nagging thought in the back of my mind of, “what if.”What if something happened to me and I had no health insurance to cover the costs. What if I get sick? Do I go to the doctor’s office or do I try to treat it with over the counter remedies first? Although I knew it wasn’t permanent, that feeling of insecurty never left me.

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    #TBT Travel Post: Pangkor Laut Resort

    About a month ago I googled, “best beach Malaysia” clicked on images and found the most beautiful resort that I came to know as Pangkor Laut. A place this beautiful deserves a full review, so for now I’ll just leave a picture to peak your interest. I must warn you though, your significant other is going to want you to take them here, and you should. If you have children, I probably should not mention that a place this spectacular, is also child-friendly. To the point where those without children would never know they were even there. That’s how great this place is. So for now, I leave you with a…

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    Hong Kong 101: 10 Mandarin words and phrases you need to know.

    Stop by every Tuesday and Thursday when I’ll share a new tip or some of my favourite things in Hong Kong! Hong Kong is such a wonderful international city where English is spoken widely, but you will run into locals and taxi drivers who do not speak English. You are after all, in Asia and I always thought it’s nice to learn a few key words and phrases of the local language. Even if you end up butchering the language, it shows you’re trying and showing a bit of respect and acknowledgement that you’re in their country. Here are 10 Mandarin words and phrases that I think every visitor to…

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    Hong Kong 101: Don’t even think about renting a car.

    Stop by every Tuesday and Thursday when I’ll share a new tip or some of my favourite things in Hong Kong! Plain and simple, driving in Hong Kong should be left to the taxi drivers. If you are visiting and normally rent a car wherever you go, please don’t do it here. Parking is ridiculously limited, parking garages are expensive, and traffic can be difficult to deal with if you’re not a local. As someone who has driven fearlessly in New York City, throwing my finger up in the air (the official New York salutation), and easily weaving in and out with the stop and go traffic, I wouldn’t dare…

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    Hong Kong 101: Review of Cecconi’s Italian

    Stop by every Tuesday and Thursday when I’ll share a new tip or some of my favourite things in Hong Kong! The first time I went to Cecconi’s Italian was by pure chance. My beautiful girlfriend Amps who is pregnant with that gorgeous glow one has when expecting, suggested lunch at her favourite Italian place to catch up. I was a bit under the weather, but it had been awhile since I had last seen her, so I went to enjoy her company and watched her enjoy her meal, all the while making a mental note that I needed to return and enjoy the full experience with my love another time, which…

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    Live the life you’ve always wanted!

        I’ve learned that fear limits you and your vision. It serves as blinders to what may be just a few steps down the road for you. The journey is valuable, but believing in your talents, your abilities, and your self-worth can empower you to walk down an even brighter path. Transforming fear into freedom – how great is that? – Soledad O’Brien Know your worth. Have faith. Renew all those hopes and dreams you had for yourself. Live your life on your terms. Don’t be afraid to reinvent your life at any age, or in any moment. XOXO, Helen

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    Hong Kong 101: I’m on Periscope!

    Stop by every Tuesday and Thursday when I’ll share a new tip or some of my favourite things in Hong Kong! Have you heard of Periscope? It’s a live video streaming app that allows you to view events and interact with people live from all over the world! It means my family, friends and all of you can see what I’m doing in Hong Kong and all of my travels. You can also write text messages that I will see in real-time, so we can have a live two-way conversation. The app is free and available for Android and iOS. Search for me: @MsNYAmerica2012 and hit the follow button so…

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    Hong Kong 101: A visit to the highest bar in the world.

    Stop by every Tuesday and Thursday when I’ll share a new tip or some of my favourite things in Hong Kong! You could have a drink and a bite to eat at a different place everyday in Hong Kong, but one place you should not miss is Ozone. Located on top of the International Commerce Centre (ICC) building on the 118th floor, Ozone touts itself as the highest sky bar and lounge in the world and is also part of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. I loved that it’s an indoor-outdoor terrace and lounge that lets you sit right at the edge giving you the most beautiful view of Hong Kong, but also allows…

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    Ask, Believe, Receive!

    There is power behind your thoughts and words so be clear with what you want to bring into your life. What you speak is your truth, so if you’re complaining that there are no good men/women out there, and that your job sucks and so on, then yes, it becomes true for you. Say it, feel it, and let it come to you. XOXO, Helen  

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    Hong Kong 101: Review of Craftsteak

    Stop by every Tuesday and Thursday when I’ll share a new tip or some of my favourite things in Hong Kong! Having been in Hong Kong for a few weeks now this second time around, I’ve had my fair share of steaks & one of my favorite places is definitely Craftsteak! Craftsteak distinguishes itself by offering open fire cooking on a custom made charcoal grill, offers a nice selection of wonderful sauces, and creates a intimate and fine-dining experience with its lighting and selection of meats and wines from all over the world. This particular Monday, I had the filet mignon & my love had the ribeye. Both of our…

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    Hong Kong 101: Bring your flats girls.

    Stop by every Tuesday and Thursday when I’ll share a new tip or some of my favourite things in Hong Kong!   New York is definitely a concrete jungle, but apart from the Meatpacking District, it’s also a flat one. Something I wish someone (anyone) would have told me before I arrived in Hong Kong is to buy flats, and lots of them because unless you want to fall (like I have many times in the beginning) flats are just the way to go here. When I say heel, I’m talking about the usual 4 or 5 inches that I wore as one of my staples in New York. I’m…

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    Feature in the Hong Kong Economic Journal!

    So excited to share that I’m featured in today’s Hong Kong Economic Journal!! I was born a U.S. citizen, so I’ve never had to deal with some of the issues that my parents had to when they left their respective country and commonwealth to come to the U.S., like not knowing the language, not having family support, and feeling overwhelmed by any and everything. These past few weeks, I think I’ve felt some of what my parents and many others before me arriving in a new place must have. It’s exciting and terrifying all at once. It’s because of this, that being in this paper means so much. It’s putting…

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    Hong Kong 101: The Central Mid-Levels Escalator System

    Stop by every Tuesday and Thursday when I’ll share a new tip or some of my favorite things in Hong Kong! This is SO Hong Kong, and one of the things that I saw (and got on) when I first arrived. The Central Mid-Levels escalator system is the world’s longest outdoor covered escalator system. It’s about 800 meters long and about 135 meters above in the air. It runs from Queens Center Road to Conduit Road in the Mid-Levels. There are several points in the escalator system when you can get on and off (about 14). It runs downhill towards the business center from approximately 6-10 am when everyone is…

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    Ebony Magazine ad with Family Dollar and Cantu Beauty!

    Hello friends! So excited to let you know that I’m the June 2016 issue of Ebony Magazine!! You can find me in the Family Dollar Fabulous ad sharing my hair care tips using Cantu beauty products. As a Latina, it’s definitely been a lifelong struggle trying to control my curls. Thankfully, I have come a long way from the days of looking like I stuck my finger in an electric socket and I owe it to a select few products, including those from Cantu. XOXO, Helen

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    Do you know your birth control is free?

    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has made great strides since it was signed into law in 2010 to ensure that basic preventative services  like well-woman visits and contraception recommended by their doctor, are now covered and require no co-pays, nor out of pocket expenses. This is so important because as we all know, the sooner a potential illness is discovered, the quicker is can hopefully be treated successfully.